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Transfer credit opportunities: because your work counts.


College Credit Transfer

After you have completed your MTECH program, you have the opportunity to transfer to a local college or university to continue your education. Your completed MTECH certificate may allow you to receive college credit at participating institutions. Knowing about these pathways can help you save time and money as you complete your educational journey.  Find your program below to learn more about the pathway opportunities available for you. For more information please schedule a virtual meeting with the Manager of Pathway Engagement here.


MTECH Programs That Transfer to UVU

High School Credit Transfer

When preparing to come to MTECH you can take certain high school courses to help you receive credit at MTECH. Explore the high school courses below that will transfer to MTECH.

Attached Secondary/MTECH (pdf)


Transfer Credit Process


Meet with the Manager of Pathway Engagement

You can make an appointment to get more information about your transfer options.


Apply to the university or college of your choice


Request your MTECH transcript

Once you have been accepted into UVU, you will transfer your MTECH transcripts to UVU.


Meet with the UVU counselor

Your UVU Counselor will advise you in your degree-seeking pathway and answer any questions you have about UVU. If you need assistance finding your UVU Counselor please contact UVU Admission Counselor Kameron Barkle at

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