Medical Assistant

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Registration Eligibility: Adults & High School Seniors

High school students must be age 16 or older. Learn more.

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Medical Assistants (MA’s) help keep the healthcare industry running. With their knowledge of administrative and clinical tasks in the offices of physicians and other health practitioners, medical assistants  take and record personal information from patients and keep it confidential. 

In MTECH’s Medical Assistant program, you will learn how to collect and prepare laboratory specimens, perform basic laboratory tests, and handle a variety of administrative skills.  Examples of clinical and administrative skills are listed below.

  • Taking and recording medical histories
  • Taking and recording vital signs
  • Explaining treatment procedures to patients
  • Preparing patients for examinations
  • Assisting physicians during examinations
  • Preparing medical instruments
  • Prescriptions
  • Pharmacology
  • Explaining procedure
  • Patient prep for examinations
  • Injections
  • Handling biohazardous materials
  • Drawing blood
  • IV placement
  • Lab procedures
  • Preparing Patients for X-Rays
  • Preparing & performing EKG’s, X-Rays, Ultrasounds
  • Assisting with minor surgeries
  • Changing dressings/bandaging
  • Removing Sutures

This program is eligible for Financial and Veterans Aid! Learn more

For more information, contact the Program Coordinator.
Jennifer McAllister

Adults and high school seniors are eligible to enroll.

Registration is open on the last Monday of each month. Students usually start the first Monday of the following month. To check seat availability, create a new student account in the MTECH Student Portal and check seat availability or call Student Services at 801-753-6282.

  • Students should coordinate with home high school counselors prior to registration.
  • Students enrolling in this program must meet with an MTECH Academic and Career Counselor prior to registration. High School students are encouraged to be accompanied by a parent. To schedule an appointment please visit
  • Students are required to take the MTECH Entrance Assessment and score a passing rate of: Math: 2: English: B or provide alternative documentation to prove competency. The Entrance Assessment is free and takes about an hour to complete. To learn more visit
  • Students must have documentation of all required immunizations by the first day of class which include: 2 MMR, Hepatitis B (3 series), Varicella, TDAP, and a current TB skin test (PPD); please contact the Program Coordinator for more information, if needed.
MorningLehi209MonthlyOpen Exit7:30 AM10:30 AMM-Th 
AfternoonLehi209MonthlyOpen Exit11:30 AM2:30 PMM-Th 
AfternoonLehi209MonthlyOpen Exit2:45 PM5:45 PMM-Th 
EveningLehi209MonthlyOpen Exit6:00 PM9:00 PMM-Th 
MorningOrem114MonthlyOpen Exit7:30 AM10:30 AMM-Th 
AfternoonOrem114MonthlyOpen Exit11:30 AM2:30 PMM-Th 
AfternoonOrem114MonthlyOpen Exit2:45 PM5:45 PMM-Th, F 
MorningSpanish Fork221MonthlyOpen Exit7:30 AM10:30 AMM-Th 
AfternoonSpanish Fork221MonthlyOpen Exit11:45 AM2:45 PMM-Th 
AfternoonSpanish Fork221MonthlyOpen Exit2:50 PM5:50 PMM-Th 
EveningSpanish Fork221MonthlyOpen Exit6:00 PM9:00 PMM-Th 
MorningWasatch West28MonthlyOpen Exit7:30 AM10:30 AMM-Th 
AfternoonWasatch West28MonthlyOpen Exit11:30 AM2:30 PMM-Th 
MorningProvoTBDMonthlyOpen Exit7:30 AM10:30 AMM-Th 
DWS EmpowermentProvoTBDMonthlyOpen Exit11:30 AM2:30 PMM-Th 
AfternoonProvoTBDMonthlyOpen Exit2:45 PM5:45 PMM-Th, F 
EveningProvoTBDMonthlyOpen Exit6:00 PM9:00 PMM-Th 

*Students will complete a 3 hour hybrid assignment each week in place of class on Fridays. Students will complete a 180 hour externship upon completion of the class.

Program Hours: 900 hours

Registration Fee$40.00 
Facilities Fee$50.00 
Program Fees$545.00Program fee includes NNA National Medical Assistant Licensure Exam fee

*Total includes tuition, fees, materials, and optional materials.

Blesi’s Medical Assistant, 8th edition updated$130.00978-133-790-9815 
Medical Assisting Packet$20.00$4.00 per level
Scrubs$48.00Available in MTECH Bookstore; cost is for two sets
Blood Pressure Cuff & Stethoscope$35.00 
Benchmark Study Guide$3.00CC-MA-BM
  • MTECH Certificate in Medical Assistant
  • Healthcare Provider BLS and First Aid Certification
  • Students are prepared to sit for the NHA National Medical Assistant Licensure Exam; Exam fees are included in the cost of the program

At MTECH, you will join an exclusive group of graduates who benefit from a commitment to excellence shared by everyone at the school. From instructors who deliver a relevant, industry-driven curriculum to academic and career counselors focused on ensuring you have the tools you need to succeed, we all share the same goal: your success as a student. 

If you want to take the nursing pathway, start with your CNA license. If you want to become a PA or Physician, start with Medical Assistant.

Program length
12 months
Total cost
Lehi Main Campus
Orem Campus
Provo Campus
Spanish Fork Campus
Wasatch West Campus
Program length
12 mos
Total cost