Policies & Procedures

Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act

In simple terms, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, or FERPA, is a way to keep your data private. Your data includes any information about you including your name, contact info, attendance, progress and your grades. It can only be shared with others if you directly allow it. This applies to all students regardless of age. If you have parents, legal guardians, spouses, emergency contacts or other persons who you may need us to share information with, you must submit the FERPA Release Form directly to Student Services.

To share information you must download, print, complete, sign and submit the FERPA Release form. This form must be submitted directly to Student Services. Download FERPA Release Form

Refunds & Withdraws

In the event a student needs to withdraw from a program, MTECH provides a process for both the withdraw and the refund, if appropriate. Information about refund and withdrawal policies and procedures can be found in the MTECH Student Handbook as well as in the MTECH Policies, Plans and Procedures (Policy 600.615).

New students should thoroughly review the Program Syllabus on the first day of class to allow time to withdraw if the student finds it necessary.

Attendance & Progress

Due to the hands-on nature of the training received, attendance is very important in all MTECH programs. It is very difficult to make up missed training. 85% attendance is the minimum standard for all MTECH programs. However, some programs have more strict attendance rules that must be met in order to receive the licenses, certificates or graduate from MTECH.

The following attendance rules apply to all students: When a student has low attendance or progress, the instructor will meet with the student and fill out a 2 week Academic Improvement Plan. At the end of two weeks, progress on the plan will be evaluated. Students who fail to improve will be required to meet with the Academic & Career Counselor and be placed on a probationary contract. Failure to keep the commitments made on that contract may lead to dismissal.

For more information on attendance refer to the MTECH Student Handbook.

As per the UTech Policy 201.4.3, if a student accumulates ten consecutive absences from the scheduled class time they may be dropped from their program.

Media Consent Notice

Student group photographs, quotes, and other types of media information may be taken of persons in an MTECH classroom, lab, or on the MTECH Campus grounds, as needed by the college. These forms of media may be used for public relations, marketing communications and MTECH publications without the expressed consent of the individuals. Should specific information of a single student be obtained, a student must sign a consent form to release the information for Mountainland Technical College to use the media in any channel other than internal data and reports.

High School Tuition Waived Until Graduation Only

High school students who are still enrolled in a program after their status has changed from high school student to post-secondary student are required to pay tuition for any remaining tuition hours. This means that when you or your high school class graduates, you are no longer considered a high school student by the state of Utah and are financially responsible for any additional hours that you attend your MTECH program.

You will want to make sure your parent/legal guardian is aware of this from day one. What this means is: Adults pay all tuition and fees before the class begins. High school students pay fees at the beginning of the school year but tuition will not be charged until your high school class graduates. After high school graduation, you will be considered an adult and tuition on remaining hours will be due at that time. Currently, tuition is $2.10 per hour.

Certificates & Graduation

Certificates are awarded to students upon completion of required program competencies, both through written exams and demonstration of hands-on skills. A graduation ceremony is held in May of each year where students are presented with their certificate cover and celebrated for their success and accomplishments. MTECH Certificates are printed monthly and students can pick them up from the Student Services Offices. For more information about the MTECH Certificates, please contact Student Services.

Industry licenses and/or certifications are issued by the applicable agency. Students should talk to their instructor for more information about them.

Risks & Hazards Statement of Understanding & Release

All students must thoroughly read and agree to the MTECH RISKS AND HAZARDS STATEMENT OF UNDERSTANDING AND RELEASE.

1. I, as a MTECH student, (herein referred to as “participant”) expect and intend to participate in activities to be sponsored by Mountainland Technical College, following the execution of this Statement of Understanding and Release.

2. In consideration of the College’s sponsorship and direction of the activity, and his/her participation, participant hereby states that he/she has read and fully understands the Risks and Hazards Statement which is included herein and releases and discharges the State of Utah, the College, and their officers, agents and employees and volunteers from any and all claims, damages, losses, or injuries connected therewith, including, but not limited to, any loss, damage, or injury suffered by participant or others, as a result of failure to obey safety regulations or resulting from the exercise of the activity coordinator or other individuals acting in good faith response to emergencies and exigencies on this activity whether at the College, other locations, or participating on field trips.

3. Participant further agrees and understands that during the activity, he/she will be under the direction of the instructor or director approved by Mountainland Technical College and specifically agrees to comply with all reasonable directions and instructions by the instructor or director during the course thereof.

4. Participant understands and acknowledges that there are specific risks of injury to person and/or property that are associated with the activity, including risks related to travel hazards, terrain, weather, and other circumstances. Participant also acknowledges that he/she understands that the activity could have but is not limited to the following risks and injuries related to the area of training such as:

a. mechanical and non-mechanical equipment and tools such as computers, hand tools, power tools, acetylene welding torches, chemicals, paints, solvents, acids, fuels, fibers, insulation, rescue equipment, dental instruments, radiology, labs, medical diseases and usage of medical instruments, equipment and supplies, rescue equipment, needles, blood and bloodborne pathogens and handling patients, activities associated with driving, backing, loading, and maintenance of large semi-trucks, trailers, and other large vehicles, food preparation equipment, knives, heat, cold, spices, foods and activities associated with field trips and outside of the classroom assignments.

b. Participant specifically assumes the risks associated with such conditions.

5. Participant certifies and represents that if he/she drives a personal vehicle to, from, and/or during the activity, the vehicle must be covered throughout the period of the activity by a motor vehicle liability insurance policy, currently in effect, with limits of coverage and liability that satisfy the requirements of the Utah Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Act, 1952 Utah Code Anno. 41-12-1 et seq.

6. Participant understands and acknowledges that Mountainland Technical College assumes no liability for personal injuries or property damages to participants or to third parties arising out of an activity, except to the extent that such liability is imposed by law. Participant agrees to indemnify and to save harmless, the State of Utah, the College and its officers, agents, employees, and volunteers from any claim or liability arising out of the acts or omissions of the participant during any such activity, subject to any limitations or restrictions against such indemnification that are imposed by law.

7. Participant understands and acknowledges that there may be unsupervised times before, during, or after the hours of the sponsored activity. It is understood that during this time participants will conduct themselves as responsible individuals as well as adhere to all applicable laws and statutes in effect. Failure to comply with this section may result in physical harm or property loss due to hazards beyond the College’s control. Failure to comply may also result in expulsion from the activity. The College will not be responsible for any such acts nor any costs resulting from expulsion from the activity.

8. The participant hereby understands that he/she should arrange for appropriate personal health insurance coverage (e.g., hospital/medical insurance, student health insurance, etc.) during the period of activity. The participant agrees and understands that he/she will be personally responsible for any medical costs incurred during this activity. Students are not covered by Workman’s Compensation.


Grievances, Appeals & Re-Enrollment

Most students sail through their program at MTECH without a hitch. However, if things aren’t going well, there is something you can do. If you have a complaint about a fellow student, the way things are done in class, something amiss in the building, etc., please contact your instructor for help.

If your complaint is about your instructor, it is a good idea to try talking it out with them. Bring up the issue in a professional manner, in a private place. At MTECH, we try to resolve issues informally first, with the person we have the complaint with. That is the way people operate in the working world.

If you feel like your complaint is not heard, or is not resolved, contact the Program Director that your instructor reports to. You can find out who this is by calling our Student Services office at 801-753-8201.

For problems that can’t seem to be resolved informally, there is a formal process that can be used. See the MTECH Student Handbook. There, you can find information on filing a written grievance. This grievance will be reviewed by the Appeals Committee, and you will get a response in writing.

If a student withdraws, or is withdrawn involuntarily due to violation of the Student Code of Conduct, or lack of progress, there are rules that govern how and when they may return to MTECH. These may be found online at under Admissions and Enrollment Procedures 600.604A.

Policies, Plans & Procedures

Information found in the Student Handbook and in this New Student Orientation is referenced and summarized from the original sources found in MTECH's Policies, Plans and Procedures. Students can review sourced information by reviewing the original documents.
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