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Mountainland Technical College
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Official Logos

The following three logos are available for use across all digital and printed communication. Click image to download.
MTECH Official Seal
The presidential seal is reserved for official use such as certificates of completion.
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Official Colors

109 0 32
33 100 77 47
188 C
194 194 194
24 19 0 0

0 0 0
75 68 67 90

255 255 255
0 0 0 0

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Official College Font
Secondary Font (Social Channels)
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The following taglines will be used on our social media accounts and in advertising efforts. Feel free to use at your own discretion
Primary Tagline:
Affordable education. Hands-on training. Experienced graduates.
Secondary Tagline (when speaking about MTECH):
Meeting the needs of our community by providing industry-driven education.
Secondary Tagline (when speaking to future MTECH students):
Providing you industry-driven education to improve your quality of life.
Advertisement Tagline:
Investing in our community, investing in your future.
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Mountainland Mission, Vision, and Values

To enhance the employability of individuals through market-driven career and technical education.
To prepare the workforce in the three county service region and implement the Mission Statement of the Mountainland Technical College through the five core areas of: Program Development; Student Achievement; Faculty and Staff Support; Physical Resources; and Community Outreach.
Mountainland Technical College’s Values Compact is our collective commitment to student success. By working together with a shared passion for our community, we support the student experience with the following:
1) Relevant, industry-driven programs
2) Authentic and personalized support services in and out of the classroom.
3) A positive and welcoming community that inspires learning, confidence, integrity, and inclusion.
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Email Signatures

Video Example

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1) Copy desired email signature from this page.
2) Navigate to the the signature option in Gmail Settings.
3) Create and name new signature, then hit paste.
4) Use the signature box to modify your signature.
5) Select your new signature and save changes.
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Media and Consent Form

Student Media Consent (See student handbook)
Student photographs, quotes, and other types of media information may be taken of groups of people in MTECH classrooms, labs, or on the MTECH Campus grounds, as needed by the College. They may be used for public relations, marketing and MTECH publications without the expressed consent of the individuals.
Should specific photos or quotes of a single student be used, a student must sign a consent form. This releases the information for Mountainland Technical College to use in any type of media. No release is required for use in internal data and reports.
Click here to download the MTECH Media Consent form. Please complete and email to
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Google Slides Templates

The following presentation templates are available to faculty and staff currently logged into an email.
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Social Media Accounts

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The following letterheads are available to faculty and staff currently logged into an email.