Facility Scheduling

MM slash DD slash YYYY
Start Time
End Time
Facility Rental Fees

Classrooms & Conference Rooms
$100 / 4 hrs or $150 all day

$200 / 4 hrs or $350 all day

$350 / 4 hrs or $600 all day

$200 / 4 hrs or $400 all day

Outside Grounds (fields, etc.)
$300 / 4 hrs or $500 all day

Parking lots for event parking
$900 / 4 hrs or $1,500 all day
(Plus use of utilities (power and water) $300 for up to 4 hours or $500 all day). 

  1. Facilities are not rented to non-state entities for commercial purposes.
  2. All events must be accompanied by a Rental/Use Lease Agreement prepared by Campus Scheduling. All events must be cleared by Campus Scheduling (Barbara Miner 801-753- 4124/email bminer@mtec.edu), before contacting the Catering Department. MTECH Campus departments may not schedule department labs, classrooms, fields, and etc., without scheduling through campus scheduling.
  3. All food & beverages must be scheduled through MTECH Catering Department, contact (Anthony Carrino 801-753-4266/email acarrino@mtec.edu). MTECH has the right of first refusal to provide catering services. No outside food or beverages are permitted unless MTECH allows, because of extenuating circumstances.
  4. MTECH reserves the right to accept or refuse services to any and all outside entities.
  5. All outside entities must provide a certificate of insurance with a minimum coverage of $1 million per person and occurrence/ $3 million aggregate per occurrence and listing MTECH as co – or additional insured.
  6. Government/Non-Profit Organizations (tax number required) Pay 1/2 rental fee.
  7. Additional fees, such as technical support, media assistance, and custodial services (such as chair and table setup), etc., may also be assessed.
  8. Cancellations must be made 48 hours prior to event to avoid assessment of fees.
  9. Business and Professional Events only. Wedding Receptions, family functions, high school proms, and dances are prohibited.
  10. Specialized labs/classrooms require approval by the MTECH Executive Committee and may be charged at different rates.
  11. No political events will be permitted in any of the MTECH facilities.
  12. Registration/Vendor Booth – Only one Registration/Vendor Booth allowed in the hallway or rotunda per day. (No popcorn machines or beverages will be allowed).