MTECH Student of the Year

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Mountainland Technical College invites you to apply for the title of Student of the Year! The winner will receive $1,000 cash! MTECH is looking for an outstanding student to represent Mountainland Technical College and technical education in the state of Utah. Our Student of the Year will be invited to speak about their Tech College experience at college events, including graduation, board meetings and more!

Eligibility Requirements

  • Write a two-page essay on “Why I chose a career and technical education and how I will use it to better my life.” Have this ready to upload as a .pdf
  • The student must have an instructor endorsement.
  • The student is over the age of eighteen (18).
  • To be eligible to win the entrant must be a current student at MTECH or have graduated within the current calendar year.
  • Entrants must be willing to sign and adhere to all Student of the Year Program rules and regulations.
  • Applicants must be in good academic and financial standing with the college.
  • Applicants will be interviewed by the selection committee. The interview will focus on why they should be the Mountainland Technical College Student of the Year.
  • Applications must be submitted no later than December 7, 2018.