Surgical Technology

Application period extended! Application submissions will be extended to July 8, 2022.
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Registration Eligibility: Adults Only

Adults only. High school students are not eligible to register for this program. Learn more.

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Surgical technologists are members of the operating room team with surgeon(s), anesthesiologist and circulating nurses. Before surgery, surgical technologists assemble the sterile equipment, check to ensure it is all working properly and make adjustments as necessary.

Surgical technologists responsibilities include assisting the surgeon with putting on their gown and gloves, and assisting  in placing the sterile drapes on the patient to create the sterile field. During the surgical procedure, the surgical technologist is responsible for anticipating the needs of the surgeon by passing instruments and providing needed supplies such as sponges, performing counts of the instruments, and receiving tissue specimens, and ensuring there are no breaks in sterile technique.  

In the Surgical Technology Program you will learn to be an integral part of the surgical suite delivering patient care. A primary role of the surgical technologists is to be the surgical team’s experts in aseptic technique.

Your training at MTECH will focus on the basics of surgical technology, microbiology, infection control, asepsis,  and surgical techniques. 

The Surgical Technology Program is accredited by COE.

This program requires an application process and approval prior to registration. Late applications will not be processed. Registration availability details can be found below.

This program is eligible for Financial and Veterans Aid! Learn more

For more information, contact the Program Coordinator.
Shauna Jackson

Adults only. High school students are not eligible to register for this program.

This program requires an application process and approval prior to registration. Late applications will not be processed. The application can be found above and details can be found below.

Applications and forms must be submitted during the application window:

Fall Semester: May 15th – June 15th
Spring Semester: October 15th – November 15th

  • Students must be at least 18 years old and a high school graduate with documentation of graduation.
  • Satisfy entrance requirements with the Testing Center. (Contact: MTECH Testing Center, M-F, 8 – 5 p.m.).
  • Application for Admission form: completed and signed. The entire and original paper application, including all requirements.
  • One-page essay: on why you want to be a Surgical Technologist. Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spaced.
  • Current CV or Résumé.
  • Official: High School Diploma, (copy). Applicants must be a High School graduate and must be 18 years old by the application deadline. A High School Diploma document or equivalent is required by our accreditation and must be included with the program application.
  • College transcripts: in a sealed envelope from your college institution. Digital college transcripts are sent to
Verified Credentials
  • All of the following are required through the Verified Credentials system. Students are responsible to set-up their own account and pay the required costs.
  • Please seetheStudent Instructions Letter to complete your Verified Credentials account, located at the end of the application packet.
  • Background check: In their Verified credentials account, the student will follow the directions to complete their background check.
  • Drug Screen: In their Verified credentials account, the student will follow the directions to complete their 10-panel drug screen.
  • Immunizations Requirements: In their Verified Credentials account, the student will follow the directions to upload their official documents of the following required immunizations.
  • Tuberculosis screening: Evidence of one (1) of the following is required.
    1. 2-step TST (two separate Tuberculin Skin Tests, aka PPD), are placed no sooner than seven (7) days apart and no longer than twelve (12) months a part.
    2. The first TB test and reading before the application deadline.
    3. The second TB test will be completed at the time the Student begins their Clinical Externship training at a surgical facility.
    4. One (1) QuantiFERON Gold blood test with negative result.
    5. If previously positive to any TB test. Student must complete a chest x-ray with a normal result. Chest x-ray must have been taken within the previous 6 months. If chest x-ray is abnormal, the Student needs to be cleared by their physician or local health department before beginning their training.
  • Measles (Rubeola), Mumps, and Rubella. Evidence of one (1) of the following is required:
    1. Proof of two (2) MMR vaccinations.
    2. Proof of immunity to Measles (Rubeola, Mumps, Rubella through a blood test.
  • Tdap: Evidence of the following.
    1. Proof of one (1) Tdap vaccination after age ten. (This is not the same as DTap, DPT, a Td or a Tetanus shot. Not older than 10 years).
  • Varicella (Chicken Pox): One (1) of the following is required.
    1. Proof of two (2) Varicella Vaccinations.
    2. Proof of immunity to Varicella through a blood test.
  • Flu Vaccination:
    1. Proof of current, annual influenza vaccination. (Current within 1 year).
  • COVID-19 Vaccination requirement: One (1) of the following is required.
    1. If vaccine requires: proof of two (2) COVID-19 vaccinations.
    2. If vaccine requires: proof of (1) COVID-19 vaccination.
  • Hepatitis B. One (1) of the following:
    1. Documentation of three (3) Recombivax HB or Engerix-B Hepatitis B vaccinations (dose 2 given at least one month after dose 1, and dose 3 given at least five months after dose 2).
    2. HBsAB blood test with Positive or Reactive result.


Pregnant students need to consult their physician before beginning the vaccinations and tests.

Please note: It is the right of MTECH’s participating surgical facilities to deny the student entry into their operating room facility if the student is not completely vaccinated.

Fall 2022Lehi Main Campus2268/16/20229/15/20237:30 AM2:00 PMM-F
Spring 2023Lehi Main Campus2261/17/202311/2/20237:30 AM2:00 PMM-F
Spring 2023Provo CampusTBDComing in Spring 2023TBD7:30 AM2:00 PMM-F
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Total hours: 1125

Course NameCourse HoursTuition ($2.10/hour)Course Fees
ST 1010: Intro to Surgical Technology and Lab I88$184.80$1,250.00
ST 1020: Microbiology and Infection Control and Lab II88$184.80
ST 1030: Surgical Pharmacology and Lab III88$184.80
ST 1040: Principles and Practices of Surgical Technology and Lab IV88$184.80
ST 1050: Surgical Procedures I and Lab V110$231.00
ST 1060: Surgical Procedures II and Lab VI110$231.00
ST 1080: Surgical Procedures III and Lab VII110$231.00
ST 2010: Final Comprehensive66$138.60
ST 2020: CST Exam Review33$69.30
ST 2040: Workplace Readiness33$69.30
ST 2060: Surgical Technologist Clinical Externship0$1,050.00
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Registration Fee:$40.00
Application Fee:$30.00
Required Materials:$377.95
Industry Exam Fee:$155.00
Student Fees:$1,250.00
Facilities Fee:$50.00
Tuition/Fees Subtotal:$4,284.40
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Required MaterialsQuantityNotes (ISBN numbers, etc)Cost
Cengage Unlimited – Access for Surgical Technologists1$172.70
Background Check and Drug Screen1Students will pay Verified Credentials directly$105.25
Scrubs2Cost may vary; Students will order their scrubs through AllHeart according to the program scrub store$100.00
Exam and Interactive Review Bundle1$248.95
Total Cost of Required Materials$377.95
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Optional MaterialsNotes (ISBN numbers, quantity, etc)Cost
Total Cost of Optional Materials$0.00
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  • MTECH Program Certificate in Surgical Technology
  • Students will be prepared to take the National Center for Competency (NCCT) Exam for the Tech in Surgery – Certified (TS-C).
  • Healthcare Provider BLS and First Aid Certificate

At MTECH, you will join an exclusive group of graduates who benefit from a commitment to excellence shared by everyone at the school. From instructors who deliver a relevant, industry-driven curriculum to academic and career counselors focused on ensuring you have the tools you need to succeed, we all share the same goal: your success as a student. 

Program length
12 mos
Total cost
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