Custom Design and Fabrication

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Registration Eligibility: Adults and High School Juniors & Seniors

High school students must be age 16 or older. Learn more.

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Lehi Trades & Tech Building


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Fabricators are key to  the metal fabrication and construction industries. The Fabricator takes all the separate parts of a project and fits them together into one complete assembly. They use math, tools, and welding equipment to tack parts together to the precise specifications of engineered drawings. 

Students who enroll in the Custom Design and Fabrication program will learn to use blueprints, fitting tools, cutting equipment, and welding equipment to fit and tack projects.  Students will learn to use practical math to solve problems in the fitting process. Fabricators must be problem solvers and be able to find alternate methods to complete their  tasks, some Fabricators may even  weld projects that they fit together themselves

Assignments in the course are designed to simulate common tasks for Fabricators in fabrication shops and structural steel construction and erection. You will also learn about the construction and maintenance of pipes for oil and gas pipelines, refineries, power plants, and chemical processing plants. Class time will be dedicated to both classroom theory and hands-on application in the lab.

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Adults and high school juniors and seniors may apply.

Registration for the 2022-2023 school year opens April 20, 2022 at 8:00 a.m. online on the MTECH Student Portal and remains open until classes are full. It is recommended to create your MTECH Student Portal account in advance.

  • Students should coordinate with home high school counselors prior to registration.
  • Students are required to take the MTECH Entrance Assessment and score a passing rate of: Math: 2: English: B or provide alternative documentation to prove competency. The Entrance Assessment is free and takes about an hour to complete. To learn more visit
Fall 2022Lehi Trades & Technology11408/15/20237/19/20237:30 AM10:30 AMM-F
Fall 2022Lehi Trades & Technology11408/16/20227/19/202311:30 AM2:30 PMM-F
Winter 2023Lehi Trades & Technology11401/03/202312/7/20237:30 AM10:30 AMM-F
Winter 2023Lehi Trades & Technology11401/03/202312/7/202311:30 AM2:30 PMM-F
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Total hours: 630

Course NameCourse HoursTuition ($2.10/hour)Course Fees
Fabrication Math I, II30$63.00
Concept Sketching30$63.00$126.00
Intro to Solidworks90$189.00$63.00
Crane Rigging, Safety and Operation60$126.00$189.00
Project 1, Structural Shapes Project120$252.00$126.00
Project 2, Pipe Project120$252.00$252.00
Project 3, Student Choice Project120$252.00$252.00
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Registration Fee:$40.00
Application Fee:$0.00
Required Materials:$967.00
Industry Exam Fee:$0.00
Student Fees:
Facilities Fee:$50.00
Tuition/Fees Subtotal:$1,413.00
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Post-Secondary Articulations:FALSEUtah Valley UniversityFALSEUtah State UniversityFALSESnow College
FALSEWeber State UniversityFALSESalt Lake Community CollegeFALSEOther
Required MaterialsQuantityNotes (ISBN numbers, etc)Cost
Blueprint Reading for Welders; 9th Edition1 978-113-360-5782 $120.00
Rigging Handbook; 5th Edition1 978-188-872-4189 $27.00
PipeFitters Bluebook1 978-097-083-2122 $25.00
Required Tools 2 canvas jackets, 1 SMAW & 1 GMAW gauntlet gloves 4 lens replacements, 2 safety glasses, 2 soapstone holders, 1 mild steel wire brush. 4 grinding discs $795.00
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Total Cost of Required Materials$967.00
Optional MaterialsNotes (ISBN numbers, quantity, etc)Cost
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  • MTECH Custom Design and Fabrication Program Certificate
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Custom Design and Fabrication

Program length
9 months
Total cost
Lehi Trades & Tech Building
Program length
9 mos
Total cost
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