Building on the foundation of strong hands-on learning in all of its programs, Mountainland Technical College offers its students cutting-edge access to a life-size 3-D interactive anatomy table for use in labs. This device is today's most technologically advanced digital visualization system for anatomy education. Students can even load their own medical and dental scans in and analyze them in 3D. Anatomage is a medical devices company providing 3D imaging software and dental implant surgical guides. Anatomage products are used in tens of thousands of clinics and hospitals both in the US and internationally. These include image guided surgical devices, surgical instruments, radiology software, imaging equipment, and display equipment. Anatomage has established partnerships with leading radiology equipment companies; they use Anatomage software as their exclusive imaging software shipped with units. The Anatomage Table has been featured on TED Talks, PBS, and in numerous journals. It is in use in hundreds of medical facilities and schools across the United States.