During a chaotic night at the local corn maze, Tori Bean, a volunteer EMT for the event and a MTECH EMT student, stepped up to assist paramedics in a critical situation.

“There was some kind of operator malfunction with the zipline⁠. One patient somehow flipped upside down and landed on her head,” Tori said.

When Tori came in contact with the patient she immediately laid her down, started stabilizing her head and called 911. 

Tori has received many compliments from Lehi Paramedics Department, as well as from her program coordinator and instructor Marco Albrecht. Although many people have praised Tori and her quick thinking, she remained humble.

“It was the heat of the moment, but I knew what I needed to do and just did it,” Tori said.

MTECH is extremely proud of Tori and the way she represented the EMT program while volunteering.