For many, doing something that you are passionate about is what life is all about.  Shauna Lindo is one of the many people who have found their passion and had a successful career at it.  However, unlike most people, Shauna didn’t realize this was her passion until later in life. Shauna came to MTECH because of one of her children’s suggestions.  After working for years in the restaurant business, she was ready for a career change.  Trying to support a family and changing her career wasn’t easy, but she knew she wanted to do it.  She says, “I even took out a loan on an old car we had because I knew I wanted to do this.”  After researching and talking with her daughter, she decided to enroll in MTECH’s Pharmacy Technician Program. She took the night class and loved every second of it.  The more she stayed in the program, the more she loved the environment of MTECH and the Pharmacy Technician career field.  Shauna even wanted to get to a point where she could teach other Pharmacy Technician students.  She asked, “I even asked Mandi (Instructor) what I could do to get a teaching job in Pharmacy Technician.”  Eventually Shauna got a job working at a compounding pharmacy in Pleasant Grove. Still desiring the opportunity to teach, she substituted the night class at the Thanksgiving Point Campus.  This increased her desire to teach and to give back to future Pharmacy Technicians.  When the Pharmacy Technician Program expanded to the Spanish Fork Campus, she jumped at the opportunity to teach.  She was hired and has been teaching full-time ever since. When asked what Shauna says she loves most about teaching, she says “It’s my students.  I love seeing them learn new things and apply it in action.”  Recently, Shauna and her class raised money for the Utah Food Bank and it became a great class project.  The program held a celebration to present the check to the Utah Food Bank and to celebrate the amount of money raised.  Shauna said, “I was amazed at how quickly the students jumped right in and started to help out.  It was really inspiring.”  Shauna is what many people aspire to be.  She is always quick to help out and always has a positive attitude.  She has been inspiring to others as she lives her dream and to build the MTECH Pharmacy Technician Program.