Mountainland Technical College has the reputation for having outstanding nursing programs.  Recently the Practical Nursing Program was recognized for having the highest licensure rate in the State of Utah.  This year’s graduating cohort produced a pass rate of 100 percent on the NCLEX exams.  The high pass rate is a reflection of the great skills that students gain in the MTECH LPN program. The NCLEX-PN examination is the national exam to become a practical nurse.  The test is rigorous and challenging as it tests the competencies of the student.  MTECH’s curriculum is designed to give students the necessary skills to do well on the test and in the workforce.  Labs and hands-on experience help them grasp concepts in a ‘real-world’ environment.  Once students have completed the coursework, they are prepared to take the test.  Tara Peters, LPN Instructor said, “We design our curriculum so that they can succeed on the NCLEX and translate well into the workforce.”  The curriculum has worked as all 24 students from last year’s cohort passed the exam. Nursing students not only get the license that they need for a good career, they also are able to build upon them.  Catalina Johnson, an LPN student said, “This program taught me skills such as pharmacology and medsurg.  Those are skills that my RN program didn’t teach until the last semester.”  For Catalina, the LPN program gave her a solid foundation that she could use to become a Registered Nurse.   She is now working at a hospital as an RN while working on her Bachelors of Science in Nursing. Most importantly, the 100 percent placement reflects more than just successful testing.  It represents a skilled workforce.  Last year, 98 percent of the LPN program graduates were placed in jobs immediately upon graduation.  Peters said, “The professionals in the area are aware of the quality students that come from our program.”  Catalina agreed as she said, “MTECH’s program gave me the skills and abilities to reach my nursing career goals.”  Overall, MTECH’s nursing program is helping students succeed after graduation – beginning with the NCLEX test.