Mountainland Technical College is proud to announce the 2019 Student of the Year, Cosmetology student, Makenna Goodwin.

Makenna exemplifies that of a great student who is passionate about her work and passionate about what MTECH can do for her. 

“Makenna is always looking for opportunities to help others and share her knowledge. She learns quickly and her skills are amazing. She is always on time and always working to learn everything that she can each day,” said Salon Director, Instructor Darlene Durrant. 

Makenna is proud of her education and the opportunities it affords her. When talking with Makenna, she is always sure to mention what a great decision MTECH has been for her and for her peers that have chosen a similar route. She feels empowered that MTECH has given her the step ahead, helping her achieve the career path she wants. 

“From being a student at MTECH, I have the skills that will allow me to support myself for the time being with a successful job. I also know will benefit me for the rest of my life,” said Makenna Goodwin, Student of the Year. 

Makenna will be participating in many school events as the new Student of the Year. These events include addressing the college Board of Trustees, speaking at the Spring 2020 graduation, attending college events like parent nights, open houses, etc., as well as serving as the college’s ambassador for technical education for a one-year period.