Todd Bauerle of the Department of Workforce Services (DWS) conducted the first part of a two-part seminar on LinkedIn social networking.  The event was held on April 22, 2015 at Mountainland Technical College (MTECH) for its Business Technology students.   As part of a partnership with MTECH and DWS, the LinkedIn seminar will help students learn tactical ways to obtain employment. MTECH’s mission is to help students gain necessary skills and certifications for the local job market demands.  The seminar is helping to fulfill the vision of the school.  Todd also participated in a panel for Business Technology students in March.  The panel comprised of Mark Orton from Utah Community Credit Union and Justin Browing of MTECH.  The panel answered student questions and offered employment advice.  Justin said, “We focused a lot of attention on interview techniques.”  The panel also covered resume building, cover letters and overcoming employment obstacles. Todd’s work on the panel led him to continue to help MTECH Business students.  Todd decided to conduct a two-part series on LinkedIn social networking at the school.  For the first part of the seminar, Todd focused on profile information, security settings, endorsements, and connections.  He has agreed to conduct the second part of the seminar in May.  DWS and MTECH enjoy the great responsibility to supply Utah Valley’s workforce with skilled workers. MTECH’s Business Technology program offers students many different options upon graduation.  Students can gain skills and certifications in Accounting, Marketing, and Small Business Management.  Students in the programs have experienced great success in the job market.  They have obtained jobs at companies such as Ken Garff Automotive, Stampin Up, and Sundance Rental.  The school takes pride in helping its students obtain high-paying employment upon graduation.  The LinkedIn seminar will continue to help the school and students accomplish their objectives.  Todd and MTECH look forward to the second part of the seminar in May.