Mountainland Administration

Clay Christensen


Holly Peterson

Vice President of Instruction

Kirt Michaelis

Vice President of Administrative Services

Joseph Demma

Vice President of College Relations

Lynn Adams

Director of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Alan Barth

Program Director of Technology & Service Trades

Lisa Birch

Associate Vice President of Instruction

Justin Browning

Senior Director of Human Resources

Cliff Carron-Campbell

Senior Program Director of Apprenticeships & Welding

Keven Cottle

Senior Director of Finance

Marietta Evans

Senior Director of Student Services

Becky Fenton

Associate Vice President of Instruction

Blake Hendry

Senior Director of Facilities

Jennifer McAllister

Program Director of Healthcare

Barbara Miner

Assistant to the President

Jason Pugh

Senior Director of Technology

Kodye Porter

Executive Assistant - Instruction

David Rees

Senior Director of Institutional Research

Maile Richardson

Senior Director of Communications & Student Success

Nicole Shelley

Executive Assistant

Kelly Stone

Senior Director of Community Affairs & Workforce Development

Gordon Reynolds

Senior Program Director of Trades

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