Welcome to New Student Orientation

We are excited to guide you through your MTECH journey.

New Student Orientation is required for all new students. You can complete it at your own pace but you must finish it prior to the first day of class.

  • Once you have completed this orientation you can always come back to review specific topics. Additional resources can be found using the MTECH WebsiteMTECH Student Handbook and by contacting Student Services.
  • In addition to this New Student Orientation, you will have a Program Orientation on the first day of class. This Program Orientation will be specific information unique to your program.
  • Links to resources in this orientation are for reference only. You do not need to click/visit each one.
  • This orientation is for students who have already applied to MTECH.
  • On your first day of class you will sign a Student Acknowledgement form that indicates you understand and agree to the information presented in this New Student Orientation. Please take the time to go through this information carefully.