Instructor: Barry Phillips | 9 AM - 12 PM | Septemeber 26th - November 1st | In-person at MTECH

About the training

The 3-hour training session is a stand-alone module. While we recommend you attend all four sessions, if you miss a class, please feel free to participate in the others. This course was developed to provide real-world skills for all those who manage or lead others. These are all skills you are expected to know once you are placed in a leadership role, yet you often do not have the ability to do so. Below are the key learning points of each training course.

Time Management/Goal Setting - Tuesday, September 26th

Time Management:

  • Master list creation
  • Balancing the list
  • Your daily list
  • Planning next week
  • Determining and handling priorities
  • Nine tools/techniques for effective time management

Goal Setting

  • 3 types of goals
     Short-term/long term
  • BHAG (big hairy audacious goal)
  • Topic based (personal, professional, financial)
  • SMARTER goal setting
  • Specific; Measurable; Actionable;
     Responsible; Time-bound; Expressed; Recorded
  • Guide to writing SMARTER goals
  • SMARTER goals worksheet

Positive Communication Skills - Wednesday, October 11th

  • What positive communication does for you
  • How positive communication effects your culture
  • Three facets of positive communication
  • 7 Step Leadership Interaction Guide
  • Effective email writing
  • Getting your point across
  • Nonverbal communication
  • Eye contact
  • Gestures
  • Stance
  • Verbal communication
  • Vocal quality
  • Word usage

Team Development/Conflict Resolution - Wednesday, October 25th

  • Building effective teams
  • Motivating teams
  • Group Dynamics
  • Group norms
  • Group environment
  • Inclusion
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Finding the root cause
  • Team ground rules
  • Consensus building
  • De-escalation techniques

Micromanagement/Delegation - Wednesday, November 1st

  • Is loosening the reins losing control?
  • Are you a micromanager?
  • Pitfalls of micromanagement
  • Identifying your strengths and weaknesses
  • Three elements of delegation
  • Responsibility
  • Authority
  • Accountability
  • Effective delegation techniques
  • Getting buy-in

About the Instructor:

Barry Phillips is an engaging trainer, presenter, and leading expert in helping turn people into effective leaders, positive communicators, and workers. Barry is the author of the book Caught in the Headlights – 10 Lessons Learned the Hard Way and Out of the Ooze – Leaderships that Spans the Abyss of Corporate Mediocrity. He has given hundreds of presentations and trainings and
has taught tens of thousands of professionals across the globe. Barry has been President/CEO four times and has served as CMO, CIO, COO, and CRO. His clients include VISA, HP, Young Living, SUSE, Ernst & Young, Brian Head Resort, Kenworth Sales, and many

While Barry does love speaking, teaching, and inspiring others, he loves his wife, kids, and grandkids more. They live in Saratoga Springs, Utah.

The published price is $180 per person/class. Custom Fit Price is $90 per person/class.

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