Welding, Electrical, Plumbing In-House Competition 2024 RECAP

Mountainland Technical College’s (MTECH) Welding, Electrical, and Plumbing programs kicked off the new year by hosting three in-house competitions. All three competitions were inspired by SkillsUSA, a world-renowned organization that hosts competitions all across the United States. Each competition has its own specifications and requirements, welcoming secondary and adult students to compete and demonstrate their talents and abilities.
Filled with anticipation,Welding students were the first to compete. Students competed in three categories: sculpture, welding, and fabrication. On competition day, each student was supplied with a widget, blueprint to follow, and instructed to make their piece. Once their project was complete, they were judged on their craftsmanship and precision.
The second competition included Electrical students who were given a wall to wire electrical cables for a working system that’s up to code, all within a specific time. After the allotted time, each wall underwent careful inspection to ensure it matched all requirements.
Finally, it was time for the Plumbing students to showcase their skills. “Plumbing students were given a set of plans for a "bathroom rough-in" with a toilet, lavatory, and shower,” explained John Halcrow, Plumbing Apprenticeship coordinator “Student’s are to plumb the drainage, vents, and water lines according to the plans that they are given. They are graded according to the neatness of their copper and plastic ABS joints and pipe; the accuracy of their measurements per fixture; accuracy on grading the drainage; and vents.”
Each competition allowed students to apply what they have learned within the classroom and showcase their skills to their instructor and audience. Students that excel at the MTECH in-house competitions get the opportunity to compete in the Utah sector of SkillsUSA. Students who place within SkillsUSA-Utah competition are then invited to participate at nationals.
Hunter Reynolds, MTECH Welding Program Coordinator, emphasized how SkillsUSA is not only a great experience builder, but it amplifies MTECH's mission statement of enhancing the employability of individuals through market-driven career and technical education. Along with real-world application, students have the opportunity to meet with industry professionals from all over the United States. Industry professionals have opened doors for many MTECH students and emphasize the importance of trades.
SkillsUSA is a small part of the bigger picture. “If they’re better prepared for the competition, they will be better prepared for the field,” expresses Cliff Carron-Campbell, Senior Director of Apprenticeships and Welding.
MTECH's purpose of participating in SkillsUSA is to provide students with opportunities to fuel their passion and prepare for their future. Each student has spent many hours preparing, studying, and receiving hands-on instruction to be able to compete.
Brody Angell, a current MTECH welding student, shared, “The competition and my education have given me more experience and time under a welding hood, allowing me to be able to produce better welds. The practice and preparation in order to pass off assignments in class and to prepare for the competition made everything better and more comfortable. I gained some contacts at the competition with some of the industries best. These experiences have presented me new and better job opportunities.”
Congratulations to all Electrical, Welding, and Plumbing student competitors and finalists.
Stay tuned for future competition information and details.

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Published on: January 31, 2024 at 11:00am MST