MTECH Students Bailey Wallace and Kyler Reich made Utah proud as they took home a silver medal in Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) from the national competition hosted by HOSA-Future Health Professionals (HOSA). As Bailey and Kyler are both wanting to get their fire certification, they put their similar goals together and worked to succeed at HOSA. They successfully navigated the HOSA experience together and excelled in their entry for testing and scenarios. From the success of their tests, they found themselves to be considered as one of the finalists. To be considered a finalist at national HOSA, you and your partner must get a 70% or higher on the written test, and then correctly perform 1-3 medical or trauma scenarios. After the written test, there were only 7 post-secondary teams left… with Bailey and Kyler being one of them. Kyler chuckled when asked if they thought they were going to win, but stated that he “was confident that would place.” Kyler and Bailey were very gracious as they praised the support of those around them. “I am very grateful for all the supporters and teachers I have in my life,” expresses Bailey, “they have allowed me to have this opportunity.” Emotions ran high as judges were preparing to declare the winners. “When they announced that we got second place,” explains Bailey, “I was so proud of both of us! We put in a lot of hard work to get to that point.” Bailey and Kyler have finished the Emergency Medical Technician program, but are continuing to practice in their everyday lives. Kyler is currently working as an EMT/Security at a local park, while Bailey currently teaching the EMT program here at MTECH. This is a huge accomplishment for Bailey and Kyler, and for the Emergency Medical Technician program. Congratulations Bailey and Kyler!