Quincy Adams has been doing nails since he was 12 years old, so it was no surprise when he wanted to compete as a Nail Technician for SkillsUSA. Before Quincy finished the Nail Technician Program at MTECH, he and his team of instructors and models traveled to Louisville, Kentucky to compete in the national level of SkillsUSA. 

Heading to the national stage at SkillsUSA was no easy feat. Quincy first needed to win at district, and finish first at state. With his talent and perseverance, he qualified to compete at the national level.

Quincy and his team successfully navigated the first few days of the event, but the third competition day was the big day. All in one day, Quincy did a pedicure on one foot, then extensions and the nail art on one hand. This is when Quincy replicated the famous Van Gogh Starry Night on his model’s hand.

Quincy’s great performance with his intricate nail art won him first place. “I couldn’t believe it,” exclaimed Quincy, “Now that I look back, I’m like ‘what?!’ Gold medal in the whole United States!” Quincy and his team were very excited about this great accomplishment. When it was announced that he won first, the whole group jumped up and celebrated. 

Quincy is a great example of being true to yourself. Quincy was the only male in the Nail Technician Program, and is considered a minor in a predominantly female career field. “I love introducing variety in this industry,” stated Quincy, “I can show that it is awesome to be a guy and do nails.”

Quincy has finished the Nail Technician program and is looking forward to starting BYU in the fall. He is continuing to follow his passion, working with about 200 of his personal clients; succeeding in the nail art world.

Congratulations Quincy!