Medical Coding

Medical records and health information technicians organize and manage health information data by ensuring its quality, accuracy, accessibility, and security in both paper and electronic systems. They use various classification systems to code and categorize patient information for insurance reimbursement purposes, for databases and registries, and to maintain patients’ medical and treatment histories. They work regularly with physicians and other health care professionals. They meet with these workers to clarify diagnosis or to get additional information to make sure that records are complete and accurate.

The need for qualified medical coders has greatly increased due to demand for health care services and the tightening of government guidelines related to health care coverage, patient services and reimbursement processes. This program will train students to properly locate, document, and validate appropriate diagnostic and procedure codes using the current ICD-9-CM/ICD-10-CM, CPT, and HCPCS coding manuals for professional services. Students will also gain knowledge of medical, legal and ethical responsibilities, as well as anatomy and medical terminology. Students completing this program will be able to apply for employment opportunities in doctor’s offices, clinics, nursing homes, hospitals, labs, public health facilities and insurance agencies.

Students will be prepared to test for the Certified Professional Coder (CPC) examination with the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC). Students that successfully pass the examinations will be nationally certified as medical coders with the AAPC.

photo of instructor

Emily Haskell

Program Coordinator

  • Medical Coding
  • Program Hours: 720 hours
  • Campus Location: Lehi Main

Certificates and Licensures

  1. MTECH Medical Coding Program Certificate
  2. CPR/First Aid Certification
  3. Preparation for National Coding Certification through the AAPC 

Program Snapshot

  Registration Eligibility: Adults and High School Seniors only.

Registration Availability: Registration is open on the last Monday of each month. Students usually start the first Monday of the following month. To check seat availability, create a new student account in the MTECH Student Portal and check seat availability or call Student Services at 801-753-6282.

  Program Length: 720 hours. This works out to be approximately 10-12 months to complete.

  Times: Mornings, Afternoons and Evenings. See schedule details below.

  Locations: MTECH Lehi Main Campus

  Financial Aid Eligible: This program is approved for Financial Aid.   +Learn More


  MTECH Counselor: Students enrolling in this program must meet with an MTECH Academic and Career Counselor prior to registration. High School students are encouraged to be accompanied by a parent. To schedule an appointment please visit

  Entrance Assessment: Students are required to take the MTECH Entrance Assessment and score a passing rate of: Math: 2: English: B or provide alternative documentation to prove competency. The Entrance Assessment is free and takes about an hour to complete. To learn more visit

 Basic computer and digital literacy skills required.

  New Student Orientation: Students must complete the brief MTECH New Student Orientation prior to first day of class.  To learn more visit

  Articulation Agreements: Secondary Medical Terminology = 61 hours Medical Terminology , Secondary Medical Anatomy & Physiology = 231 hours Medical Anatomy. Student must produce secondary Skills Certificate of Completion (80% or above).

This program requires either the completion of the Medical Billing Program or at least one year of medical front office experience and a letter of recommendation from a physician or medical office manager. This recommendation must include the number of years of experience the individual has in a medical field.



Session Location Room Start Date End Date Start Time End Time Days
Open Lehi  217 OE/OE OE/OE 7:30 am 10:30 am M-Th
Open Lehi  217 OE/OE OE/OE 11:30 am 2:30 pm M-Th
Open Lehi 217 OE/OE OE/OE 6:00 pm 9:00 pm M-Th
Open Provo 109 OE/OE OE/OE 7:30 am 10:30 am M-Th
Open Provo 109 OE/OE OE/OE 11:30 am 2:30 pm M-Th

** Note:
 This is a Hybrid Program. Students attend Monday-Thursday during registered class time. On Fridays, students work online.

Tuition and Fees

Item Cost Notes
Registration Fee $40.00  
Facilities Fee $50.00  
Program Fees $770.00 Includes AAPC Membership (required for exam) and two National Exam attempts (AAPC-CPC) included in Program Fees. Students must have current year coding manuals to sit for the national exam
Tuition $1,512.00  
total: $2,372.00  All tuition and fees are due at the time of registration.


Coding Book Bundle $226.00 Coding Book Bundle includes: ICD-10 CM Expert, CPT Professional, HCPCS Expert (Book will be updated to 2019 in October of 2018)
Step by Step 2017 $125.00 Step by Step 2019
Medical Terminology & Anatomy; 3rd Edition $86.00 978-0-323-42795-2
Pocket Anatomy & Physiology, 2nd Edition $34.00 978-0-8036-3281-3
ICD-9 Supplement $12.00 ICD-9 Supplement CM 2015 workbook
Myndology Flashcards - small $2.00 6-05875-66447-2 (3 sets of 100 cards each required)
Myndology Flashcards - Large $3.00 6-05875-15144-6 (5 sets of 100 cards each required)
Headphones $7.00  
Durable Index Tabs for Coding Manuals $4.00 2 sets required
Highlighters $4.00 need 2 different colors
2" Three Ring Binder $4.00  
Paper $2.00  
Lanyard $2.00  
Red Pen $2.00  
Mechanical Pencil $2.00  
Black Pen $2.00  
Scrubs $22.00 1 set
Flash Drive 8gb $6.00  
Access to a personal computing device and internet connectivity N/A This program is a hybrid program and requires online learning. Access to a personal computing device and internet connectivity is required for online learning
subTotal $545.00  
TOTAL $2,917.00  

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