MTECH Surgical Technology Olympics 2023: Education in Action

Mountainland students participating in 2023 Surgical Technology Olympics
Mountainland Technical College (MTECH) Surgical Technology students celebrated Surgical Technology Week by participating in a Surg. Tech. Olympics to honor and recognize their industry's hard work by assisting surgeons to help enhance and save individual's lives. The event included multiple activities to showcase student's skills and compete as a team to practice the fundamentals of Surgical Technology while having fun.
Sasha King, MTECH’s Surgical Technology Program Coordinator, and other instructors came up with all the activities. She described one of the activities in detail, “each team member had to fill their bulb syringe with fluids from a surgical bowl and run to an opposite table and fill that fluid in another bowl then run back and the person repeats the steps until the bowl at the opposite table is full.”
Events like the 2023 Surgical Technology Olympics helped coordinators, administration, and students create stronger connections while obtaining an education and enjoying the process. Emerson Heering, a current Surgical Technology student stated, “MTECH has provided an environment where I feel like I truly can succeed. I’ve really enjoyed getting to study using the hands-on lab. Teachers are so supportive and have been nothing but helpful as I pursue my passion!”
We asked Jake Berger, a current Surgical Technology student what advice he has for anyone in the community interested in joining MTECHs program. He expressed, “this course is a great chance to challenge yourself and measure your growth in many different aspects of their life and an amazing opportunity to become more integrated in the surgical world and learn to be a useful team member in that setting.”
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Published on: October 13, 2023 at 3:00pm MDT