Mountainland Technical College recently sponsored two events that took place in Spanish Fork. Its Medical Assistant program helped both the JC Penney Logistics Center and SAPA employees learn basic health tips to maintain health and safety while on the job. Both events were held by the respective companies specifically for their employees. The experience gave students the opportunity to demonstrate the skills needed to succeed in the medical field. Over ten Medical Assistant students were on site to perform blood pressure, blood sticks, and heart-rate tests. Students were able to be in a hands-on environment that allowed them to perform the skills that are taught in the Medical Assistant program at MTECH. The hands-on aspect is part of what makes MTECH the leader in technical education for the Mountainland Region. Bradin Egbert, a Medical Assistant student said, “I love MTECH because it is helping me get my foot in the door in the medical field.” Egbert is a high school student who is gaining skills and a Medical Assistant certification while still in high school. Deborah Romero, Medical Assistant Instructor said, “This event is great for our students, but it is also a way for us to be advocates in our community. JC Penney and SAPA host us in order to create a healthier workforce.” MTECH actively provides engaging experiences outside of the classroom to students on a regular basis. Earlier this year, Dental Assistants participated in a dental program geared towards good dental practices for toddlers. The MTECH Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) program held a mock bus crash, and visited with the Mountainstar AirCare team about first response emergency services. Overall, MTECH provides great experiences for its students in every program. The Medical Assistant program is a 900 hour course that prepares students for a career in healthcare. Medical Assistants help in clinical and hospital settings with patient care, injections, drawing blood, and removing sutures. The program has experienced great success as nearly 90 percent of graduates obtain employment upon completion of the program. MTECH would like to thank the JC Penney Logistics Center and SAPA for allowing its students to gain career experience while still in the program.