Example Example MTECH Culinary Arts The MTECH Culinary Arts program has been busy as the year comes to a close.  Students have participated in multiple events to showcase their skills and abilities to cook.  Events have included class competitions and fine dining experiences.  Events like these fulfill the mission to train students in order to create a more employable workforce. The first event that the culinary program held was called The Great Food Standoff. Students were divided into teams and create original recipes to make.  The teams then lined up the cafeteria to sell their food to fellow students, faculty, employees, and members of the community.  Recipes ranged from gourmet crepes, tomato soup and sandwiches, all-in-one hamburgers, and mac n’ cheese waffles.  Winners were determined by how many each team sold. The second event was a collaboration of all the culinary students.  The students ordered, prepared, cooked and served food in an event called Evening of Fine Dining.  This dinner was open to the public and gave students a great experience for working in a real restaurant.  The menu consisted of all you can eat salmon, ribs, and duck.  The event is held annually in December and has a very high attendance rate.  Anthony Huntington said, “This event helps….” There are many reasons why the culinary program creates these special hands-on events.  The first reason is to give students an opportunity to practice their skills in a real-world environment.  Another reason is to raise money for a trip to San Francisco this upcoming semester.  The trip will include going to major restaurants and various ‘hole-in-the-wall’ ones as well.  Students will get the chance to meet with restaurant owners and ask questions to help them grasp the concepts of a successful culinary experience.  The on-campus events help students pay for their trip during the spring. MTECH’s culinary program prides itself on the success of its students.  Last year, 92 percent of graduates were placed in a job immediately following graduation.  The class also boasts top of the line equipment at the Thanksgiving Point campus.  Many of its students have gone on to develop their own restaurants and cake businesses.