Phlebotomy Technician

Next class starts: February 21, 2023

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Registration Eligibility: Adults & High School Seniors

High school students must be age 18 or older. Learn more.

Transfer Credit Opportunity

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Lehi Main Campus
Orem Campus


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The primary purpose of a phlebotomy technician is to draw blood for tests, donations, transfusions, and research. MTECH’s Phlebotomy Technician program will teach you these skills in both a classroom and  laboratory setting. 

The Phlebotomy Technician program is a 72-hour program, completed over 6 weeks that sets the foundation for your work as a phlebotomist. In this program you will learn theory and practice of basic and advanced phlebotomy, including the healthcare setting, overview of the human body, blood collection procedures, and special procedures. As part of your training, you will  draw blood from classmates and volunteers to gain practical experience. The final exam will consist of a written test, and a two part skills test. 

During this program you will learn laboratory skills including: 

  • Venipuncture procedures: 
    • Butterfly needles
    • Multisample needles 
    • Needle to syringe method and blood transfer devices 
    • Proper patient identification
    • Test requisition
    • Order of draw 
    • IV placement
  • Dermal puncture procedures: 
    • Hemoglobin
    • Hematocrit
    • Newborn screen 
    • Glucose 
    • Micro-collection container
  • Special procedures: 
    • Syncope
    • Urinalysis 
    • Throat swab 
    • Blood culture collection
    • Specimen transport
    • Centrifugation
    • ESR test

This program is eligible for Veterans Aid! Learn more

Learn and Work scholarship available for this program! Learn more

For more information, contact the Program Lead.
Mariah Manookin

Must be at least a senior in high school.

Registration is open, please see the schedule below. It is recommended to create your MTECH Student Portal account in advance.

Spring 2022 (LW)Lehi Main Campus3054/13/20225/19/20222:45 PM5:45 PMM-Th
Spring 2022 (LW)Lehi Main Campus3054/13/20225/19/20226:00 PM9:00 PMM-Th
Summer 2022 (LW)Orem Campus114A5/31/20227/13/20222:45 PM5:45 PMM-Th
Summer 2022 (LW)Orem Campus114A5/31/20227/13/20226:00 PM9:00 PMM-Th
Summer 2022 Orem Campus114A7/18/20229/7/20222:45 PM5:45 PMM-Th
Fall 2022Lehi Main Campus3059/12/202210/24/20222:45 PM5:45 PMM-Th
Fall 2022Lehi Main Campus3059/12/202210/24/20226:00 PM9:00 PMM-Th
Fall 2022Lehi Main Campus30511/1/202212/14/20222:45 PM5:45 PMM-Th
Fall 2022Lehi Main Campus30511/1/202212/14/20226:00 PM9:00 PMM-Th
Spring 2023Lehi Main Campus3051/3/20232/15/20232:45 PM5:45 PMM-Th
Spring 2023Lehi Main Campus3051/3/20232/15/20236:00 PM9:00 PMM-Th
Spring 2023Lehi Main Campus3052/21/20234/3/20232:45 PM5:45 PMM-Th
Spring 2023Lehi Main Campus3052/21/20234/3/20236:00 PM9:00 PMM-Th
Summer 2023Lehi Main Campus3055/30/20237/12/20232:45 PM5:45 PMM-Th
Summer 2023Spanish Fork1055/30/20237/12/20236:00 PM9:00 PMM-Th
Spring 2023Spanish Fork1051/17/20233/1/20236:00 PM9:00 PMM-Th
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Total hours: 72

Course NameCourse HoursTuition ($2.10/hour)Course Fees
Phlebotomy Technician72$151.20$375.00
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Registration Fee:$40.00
Application Fee:$0.00
Required Materials:$50.00
Industry Exam Fee:$0.00
Student Fees:$375.00
Facilities Fee:$50.00
Tuition/Fees Subtotal:$616.20
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Required MaterialsQuantityNotes (ISBN numbers, etc)Cost
Scrubs2 Cost is for two sets $50.00
Total Cost of Required Materials$50.00
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Optional MaterialsNotes (ISBN numbers, quantity, etc)Cost
Phlebotomy Essentials Textbook, 7th Edition978-128-420-9945$90.00
NHA Online Study PackageStrongly Recommended; not available in bookstores$75.00
NHA National Phlebotomy Licensure ExamStrongly Recommended; not available in bookstores$125.00
Total Cost of Optional Materials$290.00
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  • MTECH Phlebotomy Technician Program Certificate
  • Certified Phlebotomy Technician Certification (CPT) from the National Healthcareer Association (NHA) (optional)

At MTECH, you will join an exclusive group of graduates who benefit from a commitment to excellence shared by everyone at the school. From instructors who deliver a relevant, industry-driven curriculum to academic and career counselors focused on ensuring you have the tools you need to succeed, we all share the same goal: your success as a student. 

Students must be 18 before the last day of the program or they will not be eligible to get a job as a phlebotomist.

Program length
6 weeks
Total cost
Lehi Main Campus
Orem Campus
Program length
6 wks
Total cost
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