Commercial Truck Driving

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Licensed drivers age 18 and older. Learn more.

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Did you know that you are only four weeks away from a high paying career in the trucking industry? The professional commercial driver industry has seen rapid growth and drivers are in high demand. In the four week Commercial Truck Driving (CDL) training program you’ll set the foundation for a successful and exciting career. Your time in the program will include classroom and hands-on instruction in everything from truck components and inspections, to  backing skills, to road safety and more.

Learning modules include: basic and advanced driving skills, truck components and operation, cost-efficient operation, rules and regulations, paperwork, personal health and safety, and driver professionalism. You  will also log over 60 hours of on-the-road driving and observation in preparation for a career with a wide variety of local and over-the-road carriers.

Note: Employment in professional driving may depend on the ability to meet employer and/or licensing requirements (i.e., health and drug screening, a satisfactory driving record, driving test, etc.), which is the student’s responsibility. Endorsements for Doubles, Triples, and Tankers are included in the program fees.

For more information, contact the Lead Instructor.
Randy Reid

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Licensed drivers age 18 and older.

Registration is open on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month. Students start class the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month. To check seat availability, contact Randy Reid at (801)753-4145 or

  • Students are required to take the MTECH Entrance Assessment and score a passing rate of: Math: 2: English: B or provide alternative documentation to prove competency.The Entrance Assessment is free and takes about an hour to complete. To learn more visit
  • The program is recommended for drivers 21 years of age and older. For drivers 18 to 20 years of age, employment is intrastate driving only.
  • Students need to contact the CDL Lead Instructor before enrolling in the program to insure eligibility. Contact Randy Reid at 801-427-4615.
  • All students must have a valid Utah driver’s license.
  • Students are required to provide MTECH a current copy of a Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) to class on the first day of class.
Defined Entry/Defined ExitLehi Main3061st/3rd Monday4 weeks from beginning of class8:00 AM4:30 PMM-F
Defined Entry/Defined ExitLehi Main3061st Monday of the odd numbered months4 weeks from beginning of class5:00 PM10:00 PMM-F
Defined Entry/Defined ExitLehi Main306Winter hours6.5 weeks from beginning of class4:00 PM9:00 PMM-F
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Total hours: 160

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Registration Fee:$40.00
Application Fee:$0.00
Required Materials:$100.00
Industry Exam Fee:
Student Fees:$2,110.00
Facilities Fee:$50.00
Tuition/Fees Subtotal:$2,536.00
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Required MaterialsQuantityNotes (ISBN numbers, etc)Cost
Book DepositRefundable upon return of book in good condition$100.00
Total Cost of Required Materials$100.00
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Optional MaterialsNotes (ISBN numbers, quantity, etc)Cost
EndorsementsT-Doubles and Triples & N-Tanker endorsements included in Program FeesVaries
Flashlight, Leather GlovesRecommended, Student may purchase on their own, but not required for classVaries
Additional Test attempts2 test attempts are covered in Program Fees. Students must pay for additional attemptsVaries
Total Cost of Optional Materials$0.00
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  • MTECH Commercial Truck Driving Program Certificate
  • State of Utah Commercial Driving License A (CDLA)
  • T-Doubles, Triples and N-Tanker Endorsements
At MTECH, you will join an exclusive group of graduates who benefit from a commitment to excellence shared by everyone at the school. From instructors who deliver a relevant, industry-driven curriculum to academic and career counselors focused on ensuring you have the tools you need to succeed, we all share the same goal: your success as a student.

Commercial Truck Driving

Program length
4 wks
Total cost
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