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The Safety Inspection course is a 16 hour standardized curriculum that provides the necessary training and testing for individuals seeking certification in vehicle safety inspections on:

  • Passenger Vehicles/ Light Trucks
  • Motorcycles

In Utah there are three separate Vehicle Safety Inspector Certifications; Passenger Vehicles/Light Trucks, Motorcycles, and Heavy Trucks/Trailers/Buses. MTech’s 16 hour course only offers training for the certification in Passenger Vehicles/Light Trucks and Motorcycles.

MTech does not offer a course or training for certification in Heavy Trucks/Trailers/Buses.

Participants must score 80% or more on the final examination and performance checklists to achieve competency for the course and receive a certificate. Individuals successfully completing the training will be eligible to apply for their Vehicle Inspection Certification from the Utah Department of Public Safety.

  • MTech Vehicle Safety Inspection Program Certificate
  • State of Utah Safety Inspection Certification
  •  Enrollment Availability Adults and High School Seniors only.
  • Students need to meet with an Automotive Program instructor prior to the first day of class.
  • Students need to be able to show that they have some mechanic experience.
  • All students must have a valid driver’s license.
  • Recommended to have a 10th grade competency level in Reading & English.
  • To receive state certification; student must be 18 years old, or 17 years old and enrolled in an automotive apprenticeship program.
Item Cost Notes
Application Fee $0.00 There is no cost to apply.
Registration Fee $0.00
Facilities Fee $0.00
Program Fees $68.00
Tuition $32.00 All tuition and fees are due at the time of registration.
Total : $100.00

Financial Aid Eligible:No
VA Eligible:No

  • Information, including but not limited to, times, dates, locations, tuition, fees, prerequisites, etc. are subject to change without notice. It is the viewer's responsibility to verify the timeliness and accuracy of this information prior to enrollment.
  • Classes not meeting the minimum enrollment may be cancelled or rescheduled. Minimum enrollment requirements vary per program.
  • MTECH provides training for students to prepare to take and/or receive MTECH or 3rd party licensures and certifications such as state, national or industry certifications. MTECH does not guarantee MTECH or 3rd party licensures and certifications such as state, national or industry certifications upon completion of MTECH Programs. State/national licensure or industry certifications are required for employment in some occupations and it is the responsibility of the student to obtain them. In order to receive an MTECH certificate students must demonstrate all competencies.
  • Financial Aid availability may be based on program locations and/or scheduling requirements.
  • Programs at the MTECH are based on CLOCK HOURS. Clock hours are actual hours and not credit hours.
  • If your program is OE/OE, you can easily calculate the time it takes to complete a program (your targeted completion date) by taking the total hours of the program and dividing it by the number of hours per day you meet. This will give you how many days it should take. You can then plot this on a calendar,excluding weekends and holidays.
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