Artisan Baking and Pastry

Next class starts: June 1, 2023

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Registration Eligibility: Adults & High School Seniors

High school students must be age 16 or older. Learn more.

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The Artisan Baking and Pastry course is fast-paced and follows the industry standards and practices of classical and contemporary baking. You will learn intermediate and advanced baking techniques in an exciting well-equipped kitchen setting. With the variety of methods and techniques taught, this course makes for a highly concentrated, focused, and hands-on curriculum. Students will participate in scaling, mixing, dough production, retail operations, and oven work in our production kitchen labs. 

The coursework involves breads, pies, pastries, cookies, cakes, and some specialty decorating. Bakery math, formulas, and professionalism will be discussed as students work in the classroom and in the kitchen labs to develop their skills and a portfolio. You will be in the kitchen daily preparing a variety of baked goods, cakes, and pastries finished to industry standards. If you enjoy teamwork, bakery production, timelines, and creating delicious baked goods in a commercial baking environment, this course is for you.

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Anthony Huntington

Adults and high school seniors.

Registration for Summer term opens January 3, 2022 at 8:00 a.m. online on the MTECH Student Portal and remains open until classes are full. It is recommended to create your MTECH Student Portal account in advance.

Artisan Baking and Pastry is an advanced course that requires foundational knowledge of baking.

Summer 2022Lehi Main Campus1146/1/20227/27/20227:30 AM11:30 AMM-Th
Summer 2023Lehi Main Campus1146/1/20237/27/20237:30 AM11:30 AMM-Th
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Total hours: 120

Course NameCourse HoursTuition ($2.10/hour)Course Fees
Artisan Baking120$252.00$75.00
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Registration Fee:$40.00
Application Fee:$0.00
Required Materials:$159.00
Industry Exam Fee:$0.00
Student Fees:$75.00
Facilities Fee:$50.00
Tuition/Fees Subtotal:$417.00
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Required MaterialsQuantityNotes (ISBN numbers, etc)Cost
Advanced Bread and Pastry Textbook1978-141-801-1697$115.00
MTECH Chef Uniform1 Plain Chef’s Coat: $16.00 Chef’s Pants: $18.00 Chef’s Hat: $10.00 $44.00
Total Cost of Required Materials$159.00
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Optional MaterialsQuantityNotes (ISBN numbers, etc)Cost
Total Cost of Optional Materials $0.00
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  • Transcript credit only

At MTECH, you will join an exclusive group of graduates who benefit from a commitment to excellence shared by everyone at the school. From instructors who deliver a relevant, industry-driven curriculum to academic and career counselors focused on ensuring you have the tools you need to succeed, we all share the same goal: your success as a student. 


Artisan Baking and Pastry

Program length
8 wks
Total cost
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