Office for Teaching and Learning

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Our mission is to enable the enhancement of learning and teaching practice through high quality course design, meaningful faculty development, and technical support for learning technology. Our goal is to strengthen ties between technology and pedagogy, simplify faculty development, and encourage closer partnerships with our programs.

Need Help With Your Curriculum?

Curriculum Developers (sometimes called Curriculum Specialists or Instructional Coordinators) help decide and design what Instructors teach. If the classroom were a theater, the Curriculum Developer would be the Playwright who creates the story and writes the dialogue. We do this working closely with the instructors so we can include exactly what is needed.

We help you evaluate students’ educational needs, then develop a plan for fulfilling them. Typically, that plan includes what will be taught — We help you decide what your student’s need to know about your subject matter as well as how it will be taught. We’ll help you review and recommend texts, videos, educational software, websites, and other teaching aids, and for training Instructors how to use them.

Essentially, we are here to help give you a learning makeover: we look at what’s educationally amiss, then we set to work making it better and easier for you!

What is Supported?

The OTL can not be familiar with every technology, nor is every technology appropriate for use. Support for 3rd party solutions, such as publisher's content or any Canvas LTI not specifically stated as supported, is the responsibility of the instructor.  However, when possible the OTL will try use its resources to help instructors with unsupported 3rd party resources.

The OTL offers support for various technologies used to enhance instruction. Support is given through course design, technology training and management, troubleshooting and contacting the developers/vendors of those technologies the OTL officially supports. 

Who We Are

The MTECH Office for Teaching and Learning (OTL) is part of a team of professionals working together to support the students of MTECH. The OTL is specifically tasked with supporting instructors and reports to the VP of Instruction.