Instructor: Phlatt Mclean

Online. Friday, February 17th, 2023. 8 AM - 12 PM

Course Description:

In this course, leaders and individuals will learn from two different topics. Adaptive Leadership and Leadership Styles.

Being an Adaptable leader begins with understanding what Leadership is. This course helps individuals understand the fundamentals of leadership and how it applies throughout various industries. 

What is your Leadership Style? This course will utilize a custom tool L.I.P.S. Assessment, which allows leaders to understand what attributes they exhibit and where they need further work in developing Adaptive Leadership traits.


An in-class Leadership Assessment will be provided

PowerPoint Presentations are included after sessions conclude.


  • Leaders and individuals will understand what Leadership is
  • Leaders and Individuals will understand the need for Adaptive Leadership.
  • Leaders and Individuals will learn the different Leadership Styles and their importance.
  • Leaders and Individuals will understand their leadership style and how to become more adaptive.

About the Instructor:

Mr. Phlatt Mclean was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. He received a Master’s Degree in Leadership Studies from Texas State University and is
currently set to receive his PhD-OL in Organizational Leadership from Northcentral
University by mid-2023.


With 10 years in corporate America and additional 15 years of various development
work opportunities, Mr. Mclean, has amassed a wealth of experience, allowing the
opportunity to visit with, assess, understand and train government, public, and
private organizations; planning and governing Public Relations, values of stakeholders
and community needs.

Mr. Mclean taught and trained in corporate settings, both public and private, and within
government settings. He utilizes his knowledge, expertise, and abilities to improve
individuals, communities, and nations.


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