Applications currently closed

Thank you for your interest in the Mobile Development Program.

Thank you for your interest in our Mobile Development program! Applications are currently closed. Application periods are within the following dates:

May 15 – June 15

October 15 - November 30

Please review the following to ensure you are prepared for when applications are open.

Take the entrance assessment

Students are required to take the MTECH Entrance Assessment and score a passing rate of: Math: 5: English: 4 or provide alternative documentation to prove competency. The Entrance Assessment is free and takes about an hour. Learn more about this assessment.

Complete the online Mobile Development Application

Upon passing the entrance assessment successfully, the testing center associates will give students a link to an online Mobile Development Application. Students must complete this application and submit it to the Mobile Development Program Coordinator before the last date of the application period.

Ranking of applicants

Students will be ranked according to the rubric in the application information document. Students with the highest score will be notified and given an option to register. If any student who is accepted does not register by the required date, alternate students will be contacted for acceptance.