Mountainland Technical College (MATC) was originally established as Mountainland Applied Technology Center in November 1989 under the guidance of the Mountainland Region Vocational and Technical Education Coordinating Committee (VTECC). VTECC consisted of the superintendents of the seven public school districts, the president of the state higher education institution and several private sector employers serving Mountainland Region ( Summit, Utah, and Wasatch counties).

The beginning of the road. Administrative functions during the first twelve years of operation were provided through an MATC director and staff with assistance from (then) Utah Valley Community College (UVCC) and the school districts. The Center’s original function was to organize a regional service model incorporating short-term job training functions previously conducted by UVCC, the school districts, other governmental entities, and the community at large.

Initial funding for MATC was provided through state appropriations, state and federal grants, and local resources. Since its inception, MATC has administered and operated the state-funded Short Term Intensive Training and Custom Fit programs for Mountainland Region. In 1992, an ongoing funding source was appropriated by the Utah State Legislature and allocated to MATC through both the State Board of Education and State Board of Regents. Between 1992 and 2001, MATC was designated by the State as an Applied Technology Center Service Region (ATCSR).

1998 Partnered Acquisition of the Orem Geneva Building
MATC partnered with Utah Valley State College (UVSC), now Utah Valley University (UVU), to acquire a building lease for more adequate space to meet growth needs. MATC moved into the UVSC West Building.

Following years of controversy and studies over how MATC and similar regional applied technology service providers should be governed, the Utah State Legislature, in special session, passed House Bill 1003 on June 20, 2001 creating the statewide Utah College of Applied Technology (UCAT). The bill was signed into law by the Governor on July 5, 2001. On September 1, 2001 MATC officially became Mountainland Technical College and an affiliate campus of UCAT. As directed by the new law, the Mountainland Technical College Board of Directors was immediately established to provide regional oversight of MATC operations. A campus president was appointed as the chief administrative officer and to serve as chief executive officer to the Board of Directors.

2002 Acquisition of American Fork Campus
MATC acquired a building lease in Orem from Alpine School District for more adequate space to meet growth needs, thus creating the MATC American Fork Campus. In 2004, MATC remodeled the old lumber yard building behind the AF Campus for the growing Automotive and Diesel programs.

Since becoming part of UCAT, MATC has established numerous programs granting certificates and two programs granting Associate of Applied Technology (AAT) degrees. MATC awards certificates of skill competency, proficiency, and completion and in January 2004 awarded its first AAT degree.

2005 MATC Continues to Grow
In 2005 MATC surpassed 500,000 membership hours of training.

In April, 2006 the Council conducted a site visit of MATC and in June 2006 awarded full accreditation to the College. The fifth annual Utah College of Applied Technology Report published in October 2006 describes MATC as one of Utah’s fastest growing UCAT campuses. During the most recently completed fiscal year, MATC provided quality career and technical education and training to over 6,500 students and logged more than 600,000 student membership hours.

2007 Acquisition of the Spanish Fork Campus
MATC opened a new campus in Spanish Fork, Utah to better aid the growing demand at the south end of Utah County.

2008 MATC Continues to Grow
In 2008 MATC surpassed 750,000 membership hours of training.

2009 Acquisition of the MATC Geneva Building
MATC acquired the Geneva building and adjacent land located in Orem, Utah from Utah Valley University (UVU).

2011 MATC gets a new home
On January 12, 2011, MATC held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the opening of the newly constructed MATC Thanksgiving Point Campus in Lehi, Utah.

2012 Staying on Top
MATC hosted a reaffirmation site visit with the Council on Occupational Education (COE) and was awarded full accreditation standing. MATC also rose to the top of all UCAT ATC Colleges by producing the most COE accredited Certificates (1,529) in the year.

2013 Fastest and Largest Growth in UCAT
Mountainland Technical College continues to be the fastest growing campus within the Utah College of Applied Technology system. In 2013, MATC posted the largest growth in membership hours and produced the largest number of COE accredited certificates (1,636) of all ATC’s in the state of Utah for the second year in a row.