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  • Students at Mountainland Technical College are treated as adults and are expected to conduct themselves with maturity.  High school students with behavioral, attendance or progression deficits may be sent back to their high school.  If this occurs, they are not allowed to come back to the College until they are an adult.
  • Some programs are not available to high school students. You can find this information on the homepage for each program in the Program Details.
  • Pre-assessment – ALL STUDENTS: As part of the admission process ALL STUDENTS are required to complete the Career Ready Entrance Assessment. The Career Ready Entrance Assessment is free and takes approximately 1 hour to complete. You can take this assessment at anytime prior to registration. You only need to take this assessment once upon first registering at MTECH. You do not need to retake it for each program or additional course. As part of the admission process, will be required to complete a basic assessment of reading and math skills. For additional information or to schedule please visit Testing Center or call (801) 753-4110.
  • High School students must complete the entire registration process. Your high school schedule may show time blocked out for MTECH but this does not enroll you in a program at MTECH. This is just your high school’s way of showing you your high school schedule, not your MTECH enrollment.
  • Please remember you may be from high school, but you are not in high school while attending the MTECH. We expect college level work, behaviors and results. We will do all we can to help you succeed.
  • High school students attending MTECH have the same FERPA privacy rights as adult students. Records can only be released to others if a FERPA Release form is signed by the student. This includes parents of students.


  • Tuition is waved for all high school students until either THEY or THEIR HIGH SCHOOL CLASS graduates. If a student graduates early they are considered an adult even if their graduating class has not graduated yet. If after graduation, the student chooses to continue, they must pay tuition on their remaining program hours if they wish to complete the program and receive their certificate.
  • Fees and the costs of textbooks and other required materials are NOT waived.  Please visit the homepage for your program for costs.
  • Registration fee is non-refundable.
  • Students may drop or withdraw from a program or course any time before the first day of instruction for a full refund of fees.  After the first day of instruction students may receive a refund based on the program type. Please refer to the MTECH Refund Policy.


  • The class schedule may or may not align well with your high school class schedule. MTECH does not have "excused  absences."  High school students are not excused from MTECH due to high school activities. When you miss class, you miss a three hour block of learning.
  • Students who miss 10 consecutive days of class may be automatically withdrawn.


  • MTECH instructors recommend grades for any high school sponsored students enrolled in their program, based on student performance. A high school student’s actual high school grade for attending an MTECH program is determined by the High School.
  • MTECH does not offer or recommend credit; both the grade and credit is determined by the policies and procedures of each school district.


  • All students must maintain progress at a rate of 70% (C grade) or better, evaluated quarterly. Failing to do so will result in the student being placed on an Academic Improvement Plan by the instructor and possible Probation by the school counselor.
  • All students in Open Entry/Open Exit programs are encouraged to complete their coursework in a timely manner. Any additional time needed will be subject to current tuition rates.


A student is officially withdrawn when:

  • The student submits to the Student Services Office a Course Withdrawal Form signed by the program/course instructor.  Date of withdraw is the day the signed withdrawal form is submitted; or
  • The student is absent from class for 10 consecutive days.  Effective date of the withdrawal is the first day of class if the student never attended, or the 10th consecutive absence if the 10-day period began after the first day of class; or
  • The student is dismissed under disciplinary or academic performance policies; effective date of the withdrawal is the last day of attendance.
  •  High school students dismissed for any reason are not eligible to re-enroll as a high school student.

Once a withdrawal or drop has been finalized, students lose any progression toward program completion hours and may be required to re-do the work if the student should re-enroll at a later date.

Administration may drop or withdraw students from programs or courses if they:

  • Register, but do not attend scheduled class times within the first three days of instruction
  • Register for a program or course and are unable or do not complete prerequisites
  • The student is absent from scheduled class times for 10 consecutive days
  • The student is dismissed under disciplinary or academic performance policies.


Please refer to full re-enrollment procedure in the MTECH Student Handbook.


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. FERPA impacts who can access your grades and other information, including parents. Please take a moment and read more about FERPA.