Alternative Private Loans

Private Education Loan Applicant Self-Certification Form

MTECH does not participate in the Federal Direct Student Loan program. However, if a student chooses to borrow from a Private Student Loan (also known as Alternative Student Loan) program, the office of financial aid can certify enrollment when requested by the Lending Institution. Additional information can be located at the following website locations;; and

*Note: This is a summary; further information regarding financial aid programs and student eligibility is available in the Financial Aid Office.

MTECH works closely with various government and private agencies who may sponsor adult students. Agencies include Department of Workforce Services and Utah State Office of Rehabilitation. Others may also be available. Questions regarding services rendered should be directed to the agency. A listing of community aid and other services is available at the Financial Aid Office.

Other financial resources that should be considered include scholarship aid that may be available through high school organizations; church groups; and other civic or social organizations.  Often companies provide scholarship aid for the children of their employees.  It is imperative to defray educational expenses by preparing through part-time work and by not overlooking other possible financial resources.  The MTECH Placement Department will assist students in locating part-time employment while enrolled in the college and maintaining satisfactory attendance and academic progress.