Keri Banbury is currently serving as Associate Vice President of Student Affairs and has been a part of the Mountainland family for the past 18 years. Throughout the years, Keri has seen and experienced MTECH’s growth first hand. 

“My favorite memory is MTECH Commencement. The first commencement I went to was in 2007 where there were about 50 people in the hallway of our Orem campus (now UVU west campus). This last commencement for 2023 filled the UCCU event center at UVU. Seeing how much growth we have gone through and all the students’ lives we have been able to change is something I will never forget.”

“MTECH has been my whole life. The people I have met, both employees and students, have been some of the best mentors, leaders, friends, and family that will never know the impact they have made on my life. “

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