For almost two decades, Mark Middlebrook has been part of an incredibly influential role by directing the operations of MTECH’s community outreach programs. If you’ve had any involvement with MTECH, big or small, chances are you’ve been acquainted with him! He shared:

“One of my favorite memories at MTECH has been the people. I remember my first day. I had Fred Keetch, the VP of Instruction take me to Heber to show me around and get lunch at Train Burger. It was such a great day and a day which I will cherish. Fred was an incredible man and one well loved by all.”

“I also remember how I started the graduation in the Hall of Flags in Orem. We had around 70 people attend and had 25 students graduate. It eventually grew to 300 in that hall. We had to move to another location because the fire marshall was not happy with all of our people in that hallway! Graduation moved to Mountain View High School, where we had now 200 students graduate and over 1000 people in attendance. We then had to move to Orem High School where we had capacity there until we ended up at UVU with thousands of people attending.”

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