• Once the application period is closed, the Radiography Technology Program Coordinator and Faculty will review all submissions. Up to 25 applicants will be invited for an interview with the Radiography Technology department.
  • Incomplete application packets, and application packets not submitted by the deadline, will not be processed.
  • Application evaluations use a point system with a standard rubric to select candidates based on the written essay, interview with the program faculty, and complete application packet requirements.
  • Applicants with the highest overall scores following the interviews will be offered seats in the program.
  • The Radiography Technology Program Coordinator and faculty reserve the right to interview additional qualified applicants if the initial interviewees do not meet minimum standards.
ComponentsPoint Value
Interview Preparation and Impression15
Personal History Essay/Statement20
Medical Experience - Employment (2 points per year up to 5 years)10
Medical Experience - (2 points per class up to 5 classes)10
Radiology Department Job Shadow Experience - (1 point per hour you shadowed up to 10 hours)10
Radiology Department Job Shadow Experience - (1 point per facility you shadowed at up to 5 facilities. Must have shadowed at least 1 hour.)5
Documentation of required and current immunizations and willingness to perform the background check and drug screen once offered a spot in the program.5
Previous Applicant5

Applications are only good for one application period. If you apply, but are not accepted, you may reapply at another time. Admission to the Radiography Technology program and interviews are not guaranteed. Previous application packets are not retained. However, we do consider previous applications.

Radiography Technology Program acceptance notices will be sent within two weeks after interviews are completed.

NOTE: Admission to the program is contingent on the following items:

  • Full payment of tuition, fees, and registration with Student Services, two weeks prior to class start date. 
  • Course grades and degrees that are being completed during the application period must met the program requirements and proof be shown prior to enrolling in the Rad Tech program 
  • Background check must be complete and clear according to the facility standards 
  • Drug screens must be completed and clear according to the facility standards
  • Immunization records must be completed and approved according to the facility standards
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