Student Ambassador

MTECH Ambassador Scholarship

The MTECH Student Ambassador Program offers students scholarships up to $2,400 (or $200 per month of service as a Student Ambassador). Our Student Ambassadors serve as representatives of the MTECH student body by conducting campus tours, giving presentations about MTECH and assisting the Marketing Team in getting the word out about what MTECH has to offer. All applications are due by September 7th.


  • Attend scheduled meetings and activities.
  • Represent the college at career fairs, school visits, and other informational programs.
  • Lead campus tours.
  • Assist as needed in the planning and/or implementation of special activities such as MTECH DAY.
  • Participate in workshops and in-service training as scheduled.
  • Positively represent the MTECH student body.
  • Act as an ambassador for the student body to employers, alumni, and prospective students at various events.
  • Assist with social media marketing and social media presence.
  • Participate in any marketing projects or events.
  • Any other duties as assigned.


  • Receive up to a $2,400 scholarship. Your scholarship will be applied once you are chosen as an MTECH Ambassador.
  • Receive letters of recommendation for college applications/resumes.
  • Sharpen communication, public speaking, and leadership skills.
  • Improve interpersonal and conversational skills.
  • Enhance confidence when speaking and interacting with others.
  • Meet and network with alumni, campus VIP’s, and future students.


  • Open to high school and post-high school students.
  • Must be enrolled in a program that is at least 600 hours.
  • Ambassadors are required to provide 5 hours of time per week in activities/responsibilities directly relating to the college.
  • Professional in appearance and demeanor.
  • Outgoing and energetic.
  • Willing to be a representative of the MTECH Student Body.

If you have any further questions feel free to contact Ashtyn Heninger at