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Intermountain Healthcare Scholarship

Intermountain Healthcare has donated funds for diversity-based scholarships at Mountainland Technical College (MTECH) for students attending campus locations in Lehi, Orem, Spanish Fork, and Provo.

lntermountain Healthcare made a generous contribution to help students at Mountainland Technical College in nursing and healthcare careers. The goal of these awards is to improve access to healthcare services with a diverse healthcare workforce. 

Eligible Applicants
  • Adult students applying for programs beginning in August or later in the following MTECH healthcare programs: Central Sterile Technician, Emergency Medical Technician-Accelerated, Emergency Medical Technician Basic, Medical Assistant, Medical Billing and Coding (1100 hrs.), Medical Billing (645 hrs.), Medical Coding (720 hrs.), Nurse Assistant, Nurse Assistant-Accelerated, Pharmacy Technician, Phlebotomy Technician, Practical Nursing, Surgical Technology.
Application Deadline
  • Open from June 1 through October 31, 2020; Award Notification date is anticipated for November 30, 2020.

Utah Technical College Scholarships

Phase 3 of the UTC Scholarship Award is being evaluated for awarding and is closed for new applications. 

MTECH is now offering graduating high school students the chance to receive the Utah Technical College Scholarship, which can be used to pay for school expenses incurred within 12 months after the student’s date of graduation.

This means that students who are currently in an MTECH program and will not complete it by the time they graduate high school will have the chance to receive funding for the remaining portion of their program.

The scholarship also applies to high school students who have already completed an MTECH program. These students are eligible to sign up for another program after graduation and apply for funding to pay for their tuition, fees and required textbooks.

Additionally, students who have been in a Career and Technical Education Pathway, have at least 1.5 credits, and are in good standing can apply to MTECH and receive funding to start an MTECH program after they graduate.

Utah Promise Scholarship

The Utah Promise Scholarship is being evaluated for awarding and is closed for new applications.

The Utah Promise Scholarship is the first statewide, needs-based scholarship program in Utah. It is available to recent high school graduates and adult learners at Utah’s public colleges and universities, as well as Utah’s public technical colleges.

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Utah Promise Scholarship Eligibility Criteria
  1. Is offered to recent high school graduates and adult learners, as well as those who have earned a GED or similar, at Utah’s public colleges and universities, including Utah’s public technical colleges.

  2. Will cover up to tuition and fees for up to two years and is awarded after all other grants, tuition waivers, fee waivers, and scholarships have been applied.

  1. A recipient may receive scholarship funds until the earliest of the following events occurs:  Two years after the initial award;  A recipient uses the scholarship to complete a program, or withdraws early prior to completion;  A recipient meets the academic qualifications for an associate degree at another institution; or  For USHE institutions that do not offer an associate degree, a recipient earns a cumulative total of 60 credits (MTECH uses a 30 clock hour to 1 credit conversion when calculating completed clock hours for this limitation).

  2. Available to adult certificate-seeking students.

  3. Available to Utah residents only, see

  4. FAFSA required in determining award amounts, apply today at

  5. Verification of income may be required, if selected by the U.S. Department of Education on your processed Student Aid Report (SAR).

  1. These funds are not transferrable to any other training program.

  2. Scholarship awards are only provided for direct school costs (not including books and supplies)

  3. Students must be in good standing, and are expected to maintain satisfactory progress and attendance at all times. Failure to meet the college Code of Conduct or the standards defined by the program and college can lead to withdrawal of award.

  4. Scholarship awards are limited and subject to change.

Student Eligibility